Guillaume Vandame

Guillaume Vandame is an artist and writer based in London, often collaborating with Josh Wright as the collective, Wright & Vandame. Vandame is primarily interested in pop culture and art history through a queer perspective. Growing up in New York and New Jersey, his art is influenced by the Pictures Generation and artists such as Jack Goldstein and Dara Birnbaum. Moving image and video art are a key part of his practice alongside text, digital painting, sculpture and performance, focusing on the poetry of images to express the human condition from a personal and collective visual language. 

For MK Calling, Vandame presents two new artworks. The first is an ongoing video, changes (2017-), which consists of clips sourced from YouTube of people performing David Bowie’s iconic song, including solo performances and ensembles, karaoke, classical covers, impersonators, instructional videos, weddings, kittens and unusual instruments such as banjos and ukuleles. The second is a durational sound piece, holding on and letting go (2019-), which juxtaposes pop songs exploring the themes ‘holding on’ or ‘letting go’ with equal passion and enthusiasm. Both works treat the subject of time and change as something universal and inspiring, while placing a certain indifference and irony towards its inevitability.