Henry Yeomans

Henry Yeomans grew up in Milton Keynes and works in London as an artist, designer and musician.


This series of Kinetic Typography Posters is designed to challenge the fine line between distortion and legibility. The posters act as a statement regarding the manipulation of language and communication in the digital world we live in, using typography that is warped in various ways to achieve this. Each poster examines a different form of manipulation using a single word as a springboard that describes either the motion or environment of the piece. The type design is intended to feel textural, mapping the type at varying sizes across the space in ways that create abstract forms contrasting with the linear, sans serif type.


Slow, consistent movement has been used some pieces, creating motion that feels immersive and meditative. In other pieces, more fast paced movement is used to bring energy and high tempo. RGB (red, green, blue) colour splits have been used to accentuate this movement relative to their speed and give the posters a digital aesthetic. In the absence of sound, this variance in visual rhythm draws the viewer into the world where the typography lives.