Iain Woods

Iain Woods is a recording, performance and video artist based in Coventry. Describing himself as the “bastard lovechild of Bruce Nauman and Madonna”, Woods’s work combines pop-performance and its presentational devices (singles, albums, music video, posters and live shows) with more traditional fine-art processes. Reframing the 'Pop Campaign' as gesamtkunstwerk, “I embark upon lengthy, conceptually-thematic research projects, collecting audio, video, visual and literature archives which are then processed and spat-out in endless combinations”. The work presented here is from his current series 'Populism' which spans society, community, nation and state and draws parallels between 80s New York and Brexit-era England; “a gleaming, glossy, rainbow-holographic discotheque of capitalism, the veneer gently crumbling at the edges”.