James Owen Thomas

James Owen Thomas (also known by his initials, J.O.T.) was born in Eastbourne and as a small child enjoyed visiting art galleries.  Pictures have always played an important part in his life.

From the age of five, J.O.T. took part in courses run by Project Art Works, an organisation in Hastings. J.O.T. has kept in touch with Project Art Works over the years. When he volunteered with the organisation in 2018, he met Bethany Mitchell, MK Gallery’s Curator of Inclusion, establishing ongoing links with the gallery.  

Moving from East Sussex to North Yorkshire, J.O.T. was inspired by the Dales, with their drystone walls, and which he noticed were quite different to the gentle rolling South Downs.

J.O.T. considers his art as highlighting issues of the environment and single use products, as he turns things discarded by others into a medium for expression. Currently the artist is working with used scratch cards, but will consider any recycled items for the effect he wants to achieve.