James Tebbutt

James Tebbutt lives and works in Northampton. Tebbutt’s work forms an ongoing exploration of the medium of paint. 

Tebbutt uses a variety of paint application styles: the drip, the splatter, the expressionistically painted, the flat, the cartoon like, the smooth and the rough mark the canvas. Each technique jostles for position on the finished canvas or ‘final cut’.  Areas of paint, objects and various marks are laid down and sometimes painted out as the composition develops. 

The imagery and motifs used are drawn from a wide variety of sources from popular and high culture.  This reflects  Tebbutt’s own wide-ranging interests and the huge range of visual stimulus in the surrounding world.  It is these images, their relationship with one another and with the expressionistic, paint marks that interests the artist.  

Tebbutt’s paintings are not planned through to completion before they are begun, but instead evolve with a stream of consciousness which links the eclectic component images together.  As a result, the paintings can have many narratives and are open to a multitude of possible interpretations.