Johanna Tagada

Johanna Tagada was born in Strasbourg, France and now works in London. To Tagada, a safe space is the embodiment of intimacy, passed back and forth in meaningful conversation with a like-minded person. ‘It’s a whispered confession, or a common concern; it’s temporal and spatial; at once ephemeral and everlasting.’


In a body of works exploring the concept of safe space, Tagada depicts the coming-together of women to share tea, thoughts, ideas and energy. Through soft strokes and colour palettes, she conjures the essence of her closest friends and collaborators, preserving them in a moment of power and vulnerability. These closely cropped works are accompanied by a series of corresponding three-minute audio monologues, remembered and narrated by their subjects. They touch on stories of love, decision-making and shared stumbling-blocks. Linguistically and stylistically ‘imperfect’, these pieces pay tribute to a series of precious moments. The canvas becomes a new safe space: here, all are welcome.


Text by Maisie Skidmore with MK Gallery