Lisa-Marie Price

Lisa-Marie Price grew up in Milton Keynes and now lives and works in London. Price’s abstract paintings interpret the relationship between people and place. A growing consciousness of the world has driven Price to explore the use of art as tool to advocate for a healthier, more empathetic planet. Her decision to follow a vegan lifestyle influences her creative work: “My passion for this change has opened my eyes to a planet I didn’t know before; hidden away, a secret to be unearthed… It has transformed not only what I eat but every action I take. Crucially, it has redefined my art.”


The works displayed in MK Calling represent the population growth and urbanisation of Milton Keynes. Population Momentum 1961 is made up of 53,000 dots which represent the 53,000 people living in Milton Keynes at that time. Demographic Transition 2019 is comprised of 217,000 dots showing that the growth of Milton Keynes has surpassed expectations set out in its initial planning stages. Price collects pigments from travels and makes her own inks and paints from natural materials. The watercolour used is made from earth and rocks from Milton Keynes.