Andrew Macdermott

Andrew Macdermott lives and works in Milton Keynes. Macdermott’s creative practice recalls the power of nature, drawing from strong memories of visiting wild and unforgiving places in Britain and abroad. The artist draws upon experiences of growing up, living and working in the relative calm and comfort of Milton Keynes, in contrast with nature’s strength and our fragile place within it. Macdermott’s memories of travelling to Iceland act as a reminder of this fragility, informing his creative pursuits in Milton Keynes.


Working in clay, Macdermott is drawn to texture, tone and the surfaces of the earth.  The sculptures blend volcanic black clays with his own glaze recipes.  Icelandic, icy blues, whites and volcanic tones are used to create forms which are influenced by the Reykjanes Peninsula on the Icelandic south-west coast.


Silhouetted against the often grey-filled skies, Macdermott’s pieces echo rock formations thrusting from the ocean, and reflect mirror-like against the grey swirling sea, dominant within the supernatural wilderness. Through these works, the artist  engages and evokes images of the natural world and our place within it.

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