Astrid Baerndal

Astrid Baerndal

Hommage to Ernst Haeckel, 2005

Photo credit: © Marc Steinmetz

Astrid Baerndal was born in Sweden and lives in Milton Keynes. Her work demonstrates the beauty of nature and its variety, advocating for the protection of the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

 At the age of around four, Baerndal was shown the book Art Forms in Nature (1899-1904) by Olaf Breidbach, featuring the intricate drawings of Ernst Haeckel. To Baerndal, this felt like the discovery of a whole new universe: ‘the first time I understood that there is a whole amazing world out there, so detailed and beautiful - but not visible to the naked eye.’ Homage to Ernst Haeckel acknowledges this formative encounter, presenting ‘life forms’ created by Baerndal through digitally altered photography. The insect-world, with its endless supply of shapes, forms and structures provided a multi-facetted source of inspiration for this work. This work is based on repeatedly edited photos of fruit and vegetables only.

 ‘When insects disappear, other life forms will very soon as well!’

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