Bianca Barandun

Bianca Barandun is a London-based artist. Her practice is rooted in the observance of social clustering, the formation of groups and the cherishing of anxieties within space.

By sketching and arranging numerous components using an almost scientific method, Barandun gives form to emotional discourse within a urban environments. In XXXY, the artist investigates how social behaviour can be altered through specific factors such as genetic mutations described by the XXXY syndrome. This condition, which only affects males, is a type of chromosome abnormality causing cognitive differences and infertility. XXXY plays with the notion of an open edge network, which allows users to attach infinite patterns to the existing system, permitting absolute expansion.  XXXY is constructed with embossed jesmonite patterns, suggesting a bird`s-eye view of a city space.

In 11.01.19 and 16.01.19, materials take on personalities and play roles with and against each other. The materials and visual elements join, penetrate, grow, push, caress, tear apart, hold together and imitate each other to attract the gaze of the viewer. 

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