Bob Spriggs

Bob Spriggs is an artist based in Tring, working in Digswell, near Welwyn Garden City. Community is a kinetic sculpture made up of one hundred magnetic pendulums, each four metres long. The magnets are set up to repel one another: if one moves, they all move. The pendulums are in constant, hypnotically slow motion driven by electromagnetic circuits underneath. “I called this piece 'Community' because I believe it is similar to the way we interact with the people around us. What affects us as individuals, affects everyone around us in some way. We are all linked by invisible bonds, separate yet interdependent.” Spriggs decided to leave a few pendulums empty, without magnets. They remain still while the rest of the pendulums move around them. There is nothing pushing them away, and so the other pendulums remain closer to these than to the others.


Spriggs’s work synthesises art and science. Rather than making sculpture ‘about’ science, Spriggs uses it as his raw material. The invisible forces between objects and the special properties of light are of particular interest to the artist. The medium of the work may be intangible but its effects are powerful and real. 

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