Cecilia Sjoholm

Cecilia Sjoholm is a London based artist. She uses mass-produced materials in her three-dimensional work, including sheet metal, MDF and Perspex. Her educational background is in art, interior design and architecture.

Central to Sjoholm’s work is the relationship between volume and flatness; the liminal space that exists between these categories and how one might attempt to blur or distort the distinction between the two. In Limen I, Limen II and Limen III, she investigates these ideas with an emphasis on surface; the layering of what might exist in front, on and behind a particular volume. This interest stems from the notion that an object can contextualise itself by reflecting, and framing, its surroundings. Cecilia’s objects oscillate between their tangible attributes and the immateriality of their reflected environment, and the ephemeral qualities of the captured neon light behind. They seem to expand beyond their physical and spatial boundaries.  

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