Charlie Denning

Charlie Denning

Ye Olde Swan 2020

Charlie Denning grew up in Milton Keynes, and now lives in Norfolk. 

Her current practice, comprising an ongoing project initiated in 2016, considers architecture through oil paintings on board, which are referred to as 'portraits of buildings'. These are the result of on-foot exploration and photography of Norwich and surrounding areas of Norfolk, where the artist believes the vast variety of architecture is taken for granted. For this reason, Denning removes the buildings from their contexts to elevate them and to draw the viewer in. Denning researches the histories of the buildings, which in turn influence the creation of their ‘portraits’ and eventual titling. 

Her most recent pieces, including those displayed here, were created in part due to the personal significance of the subject matter to the artist. Denning made them to disprove her own hypothesis of a lack of interesting architecture in Milton Keynes, where, growing up in the town centre’s estates, the artist felt surrounded by the Brutalist architecture of the 1960s and early 1970s.

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