Dasha Loyko

Dasha Loyko

Broccoli/ Mushroom cloud, 2019

Dasha Loyko (b. 1995) is an artist based in London. Building on a background in

philosophy of science, Loyko’s work engages with the production and circulation of knowledge. Working across text, voice, sculpture, and moving image, the artist looks at the function of mythologies, logics, maps, jokes, error, and speculation as practical tools for navigating the world.


Broccoli/Mushroom Cloud is a double-sided photo prop that plays on the similarity between the outline of a broccoli stem and the mushroom cloud produced by a nuclear explosion. It draws on the common use of political satire and humour as a strategy for processing distressing news. The work engages with methods of flattening and condensing information into memes, stand-up comedy, and one-liners that can act interchangeably as either jokes or news headlines, inviting the audience’s complicity in their construction and propagation.

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