Dave Hilliard

Dave Hilliard

Whataburger, 2017

Dave Hilliard is an artist working in Milton Keynes. His work is influenced by everyday imagery in advertising, popular culture and the internet.

Palace, Whataburger and Paradise are based on real places Hilliard has visited in South Texas, drawn from the artist’s memories, old photographs, journals, Google Images and Google Maps.

 The sources of each picture lie in particular places, times and experiences. Rather than simply recording physical locations, Hilliard encourages the viewer’s individual feelings or mood in response to the images. As memories, they are unreliable records of experience and are subject to errors, distortions omissions and additions.

 Hilliard is interested in eliciting the feelings experienced while dreaming or recalling memories, and the idea that these are real places that we go to, though they have no physical existence. 

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