Edward Durdey

Edward Durdy

Moon Bridge, 2019

Edward Durdey (b. 1954) has lived and worked in Milton Keynes since leaving the Royal College of Art in 1982. Durdey’s interior landscapes are suffused with jewel-like colour and light, representing contemplative explorations of the artist’s subconscious.

Moon Bridge opens to reveal an inner-world. The moon is echoed in the bridge and its reflection, linking the moon to its influence on the tides. On the left-hand panel, a Chinese Moon Vase can be seen. The plaster relief Entrance echoes Indian temple and early Greek Bas relief carving. It is rendered in builders’ finishing plaster, with areas of gold leaf, echoing religious icons.

In Orange Tree with Folkton Drum, a stylised orange tree is set in a primordial landscape before an enormous gold leaf sun. At its base are offerings of vessels, fruits and flowers, all symbols of abundance. They are carved in relief to enhance their connection to the earth. The Folkton Drum, held by the British Museum and currently on loan to Stonehenge, was excavated in Yorkshire from a Neolithic children’s grave dating from 2600 BCE. It is believed to be a measuring device used to plan the building of Stonehenge.

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