Fiona Grady

Fiona Grady

A Glimpse of the East, Watts Gallery

Fiona Grady (b. 1984, Leeds) is an artist based in London. Grady creates site-responsive installations recognising the relationship between architecture, art and decoration, referencing traditional mediums in a modern context. Playing with light, surface and scale, Grady’s pieces change with the light of day, emphasising the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work. The artist is developing on a new body of work that examines windows and their architectural surroundings in dialogue with their temporal contexts.


Scattered Memories was inspired by a visit to Bletchley Park. Grady states:

“My Grandmother worked in Hut 6 in the final years of WWII; it was never something that was discussed with the family and she passed away before it was acceptable to share her experiences. It was important for me to visit the site where she worked to try to imagine what her life would have been like during the war.” Grady was drawn to the tape crosses on the windows of the huts that protect them from shattering. Her installation at MK Gallery is inspired by these ‘x’ shapes, with the crosses evoking of a fragile period of time.

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