French & Mottershead

French & Mottershead


The artist duo French & Mottershead (Rebecca French & Andrew Mottershead) create photography, video, sound, installation and performance interventions that disrupt and reframe our relationships with familiar locations.

For MK Calling they present two closely related Microperformance artworks. The first - based on The People Series (2003 - ongoing) - is a performance work acted out by attendees of the exhibition preview. It consists of a simple set of instructions for ‘microperformances’ customised for the context of an exhibition opening. On entry, visitors select a card describing an action to be performed at any point during the event. The actions - based on the artists’ observation or experience - invite participants to push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, or to make an unspoken thought a conscious act.

The second work extends the project to a new series of text-based posters installed around the building, intended to invite visitors to engage with the gallery in a playful way for the time span of the exhibition. In both works, the performances unfold almost totally invisibly. Reality is subtly altered; certain situations are constructed as the microperformances play out, and ordinary moments assume an unfamiliar significance as potential performance.

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