Judy Kendrick-Simonsen

Judy Kendrick-Simonsen has improvised piano compositions since she was a child, when she played sharp and flat keys on an upright to create patterns of music. 

 “I cannot read music - that has been forgotten since piano lessons stopped in childhood - and I do not know in which key this piece is composed. A donated grand piano sits in the medieval church at Grafton Regis where Henry VIII built a palace. Elizabeth I, a great patron of theatre, music and art lived here during summer months and the Earl of Leicester’s ‘Players’ performed as the Court looked on and music and art were encouraged. Continuing this tradition our village preserves our history by way of narrative events by costumed individuals. On that particular day I thought of Anne Boleyn whose dreams of an easy journey to marriage to Henry VIII were crushed as they resided at Grafton Regis. My piece falters, it finds a note which is out of tune. I move on beyond that point and bring the piece together again and the composition is complete.

 Clicking on the video play of my mobile phone one day I sat at the piano in the Parish church and played this piece in a one take composition. I could have changed or corrected its format. However I have kept it in its originality. There have been years when I have not played the piano at all and felt no creativity. No one was more surprised than myself when this moment at the piano worked out.”

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