Len Hollman

Len Hollman

In The Workshop of Dr. Coppelius, 2018

Len Hollman is an artist living near Milton Keynes. His pictures originate as pencil drawings

on stretched paper, begun with no particular subject matter in mind. After several days of

drawing and erasing, Hollman’s subjects begin to appear. The images that surface relate to

long-buried childhood memories, dreams or fantasies.

In the workshop of Dr. Coppélius imagines a scene from the ballet Coppélia (1870), with

score by Léo Delibes. In the ballet, the eccentric Dr Coppélius makes a life-sized female

mannequin with whom Franz, a village boy, falls in love.

The Sacred Flame suggests the importance in many cultures of fire as a focus of worship

and ritual. Fire is often a symbol of purity and continuity, in the form of a sacred flame either

placed on an altar or existing within a secret place. Those chosen to tend the sacred flame

have often been required to share its properties of purity and grace.

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