Nathan Caldecott

Nathan Caldecott

Supreme [disaster], 2016

Nathan Caldecott is an artist working in London. Engaging with architecture, finance, and social theory, Caldecott’s practice focuses on digital models and their status in physical spaces.

The works presented in MK Calling reference the topography and urban space of Milton Keynes, co-opting the high-modern aesthetics used in local architectural icons and recreating their inflected, stoic stature in the context of MK Gallery’s extension by 6a Architects. Caldecott considers how Milton Keynes’s urban plan has embraced and complicated the imposed grid, drawing parallels with the cultural re-appraisal of high-modern design.

Through his work, the artist seeks to stimulate conversations between the sense of construction in digital frameworks, and the detachment they have from us in their complexity and scale. Caldecott has a particular interest in the dual functions these models have: the roles they have to play as structural units, and those which they could play as containers of value. 

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