Raymond O’Daly

Raymond O’Daly is a conceptual artist based in London. His work explores thought and transformation.


O’Daly’s work centres on the plans and calculations that go into producing a work of art. For this exhibition, O’Daly made new works based on the sculpture Les Bourgeois de Calais (1884-9) by August Rodin . O’Daly used a three-dimensional computer model of the sculpture and took sections of code to create blocks of colour. Each colour is derived from a line of 16 ‘1’s and ‘0’s, which are taken from the millions of bits that make up the model. O’Daly compares computer code to the a human neural network that process images and thoughts.


Les Bourgeois de Calais is a work of art that expresses pain and suffering. It tells the story of the surrender of Calais to the English in the fourteenth century. Under the terms of the surrender, six town burghers were compelled to give themselves over with ropes around their necks to be executed. However, according to the tale they were shown clemency.


All of these experiences and stories are pieces of information that form our consciousness. We transform this into reason and then action, which in turn may be

to our benefit or detriment: “it is what we are. Only art can set you free.”

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