Rebecca Herbert

Rebecca Herbert is an artist working in Buckingham. Herbert’s art practice uses satire as a means to question social norms, in particular concepts of nationhood, tradition and belonging. Currently her work is focused on the mediation of voice and utterance through broadcast and dissemination.

The populist’s microphone reimagines popular social media broadcasts. ‘Throwing’ the voice of anonymous ideologies, she directs the audience to the arbitrariness of the identities spoken. The ideological censorship is highlighted by this subversion, as well as the covert biases of our information providers. The performance involves a process of re-enactment, which is adapted according to current broadcast trends.

Using performance and video, Herbert approaches subjects with mischief and humour. De-constructing customs associated with ‘Englishness’, Herbert’s work acts as a pointed retort to nationalistic jingoism and trends toward isolationism. 

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