Nick Malone

Nick Malone currently lives and works in London. Eustace and Makepeace - Their Final Encounter is comprised of six canvasses which can be viewed separately or as a coherent whole. The work refers to the final section of a graphic novel by the artist, The Disappearance of Makepeace - A Tale of Two Lives, a mystery thriller tracing the relationship of Eustace and Makepeace from their first childhood meeting to their final encounter. It is a story of disappearance and change, and is based on events in Nick Malone's life.

Issues of identity and dissolution are explored through inner and outer worlds, a magic workshop at the interchange between observation and dream where new kinds of art can be developed. These paintings can be fully enjoyed in their own right, but if you are curious about the story and the metaphysical elements behind them, you can discover further layers by visiting Nick's website to hear a short podcast or see a two-minute film.