Rachel Magdeburg

Rachel Magdeburg is an artist, based in the West Midlands, interested in the natural environment, anxiety, humour, socio-economics, politics, art history and consumerism, and how these interrelate.


The paintings in MK Calling are part of a series of still life watercolour studies that respond to the concept of the Anthropocene, the proposed new geological epoch. The studies take a slightly comedic and mundane approach to what is considered 'nature' by focusing on everyday grocery products and those objects that have cultural resonance in the ecological crisis, where once benign things such as plastic drinking straws now seem to take on new meaning. The use of water in the painting process to dilute forms and allow them to bleed diminishes slightly the role of the artist. In Iceberg, the genres of still life and landscape are linked through the title’s play on words referencing melting, and therefore creating more water. In Suck it Up the straw that is represented is made through extracting and removing the paint using water to wash it away.