Ritu Sood

Ritu Sood is a London-based artist. Resilience Series: Autumn Sacrifice is a selection of observational paintings made on Hampstead Heath, London, of autumnal paired trees and leaves in the midst of sacrifice. In this artwork, Sood combines nine paintings to document the seductive palette of these trees and their quiet power.


“Autumn is a time of breathtakingly beautiful displays of colour in trees. What we are witnessing is, in fact, radical action by trees to survive the imminent cold. The tree pulls its nutrients back into the trunk and strips the leaves of chlorophyll leaving behind their original colours; striking yellows, warm oranges, deep reds and intense purples.”


Central to Sood’s artwork is a lifelong study of the emotive power of nature’s colours, our innate reading of the body and a naturalist’s eye. The artworks act as ‘portals’ into seeing what connects us, and are underpinned by Sood’s political sensibility.