Sean Pearce

Sean Pearce (b. 1984) is an artist based in Letchworth Garden City.


Using materials in their rawest forms, Pearce creates sculptural compositions. The objects are ‘finished but unfinished’, offering the potential for change and seeing beauty in the mundane. Having a trade in wall and floor tiling, Pearce takes influences from this work and sees it as a driving force within his practice.


Brought up in Stevenage New Town, Pearce is fascinated by the new town movement which resulted in the creation of Milton Keynes. Pearce is interested in how a community can form from scratch within a number of years, in contrast with the organic growth seen in older cities and villages. In the construction of a new town or city a building site can provide a familiar space that is understood to be in a transitional period, when a place has not yet fully emerged from its surroundings.