Sharda Patel

Sharda Patel is an artist living in Milton Keynes.

“Following my busy working years I have diverted my energies into developing my skills, education and interest in making art through attending workshops. I love to create art and challenging myself to see what I can do. I put all my efforts, time, hard work and imagination into my work until I am satisfied. I am very much inspired by nature, people, animals, trees, beauty, colours, shadow, and shape, which I put into my paintings. Art inspires my deepest thoughts and interest.

After seeing the media reports and documentaries about climate change affecting the environment and animals, and doing my own research, reading and browsing online, I had the idea for this polar bear painting. All animals living on ice face difficulties to survive due to climate change. The ice is melting and the sea level is rising.

I like polar bears and their babies. I have used oil colour and different types of brushes to create the different visual effects. I wanted to show the melting ice, the beautiful polar bear and its baby. I have used the canvas to show the texture of the ice. This is my favourite work among my paintings.”