Stephanie Spindler

Stephanie Spindler is an American artist living and working in Milton Keynes. Spindler’s artistic practice explores the fluidity of the ‘body’ through the experiential and material engagement of matter and meaning: embodiment and lived body experiences.  She looks at the specificity of a female sexed body through processes of doing/undoing, touching/touched, moving/being moved and moving with. The artist states that she is not a performer, but instead brings the making process into public places in order to reclaim space. Currently, Spindler creates metaphorical bodies out of cardboard boxes and then wrestles them until they are both changed from the outside in and the inside out.


Homework is about making space, ‘instrumentalising’ the self in order to reconsider how individuals might contribute to, resist and perform the idea of becoming. Homework is a strategic feminist work, where the personal is considered as political.