Suzanna Raymond

Suzanna Raymond is an artist living and working in Milton Keynes. Raymond’s subjects include urban and social landscapes, and the way they evolve over time through challenges to their original functions.

By considering Milton Keynes as a microcosm of the wider world, Raymond aims to question the associations between privately-owned ‘public’ space, and how this is used.  Local community spaces are constantly changing, adapting to revisions in funding, leases, and alterations to the planned vision for urban growth. This has led Raymond to take an interest in the relationship between the availability of community space and how it is used by services, community groups, and the public.

Through urban sketching, Raymond has started to document some of the informal and formal structures of the local landscape and beyond. The artist’s drawings and notes record the ways in which people use buildings such as such as shopping centres, community centres, and galleries, to build connections and provide peer support. These sketches hint at an underlying tension between the design of public spaces and how they are utilised.

“Ideally my work is the starting point for a conversation, or insights into accepted structures, allowing us to question the logic behind them.”