Thom Rees

Thom Rees grew up in Milton Keynes and lives in Glasgow. Rees’s practice explores shape and form through processes and materials appropriated from domestic environments, and their associated phenomena. The investigation of ambiguity in physical experience, and a speculative approach to the observation of lived spaces, create the framework of Rees’s practice. 


Rees’s work focusses on the visual interpretation of both the material and immaterial world of social and physical space, situated within the boundaries of the conscious and subconscious. Through ambiguous objects and large scale sculpture, Rees invites the audience to approach the work through assimilating it into their own lived experience and embodiment.


Exploring themes of aesthetics, including Lacanian mirror stage theory, eastern philosophy and existentialist theory, Rees draws the viewers’ focus to a wider exploration of grounding within their environment, by offering objects and situations as tools for self-reflection.