Tracing the Pathway

Tracing the Pathway is a collective made up of the artists Ashleigh Bowmott, Mads

Floor Andersen and Cara Davies. Their work explores the relationship between bodies, sites and encounters.


The Future we Left Behind is an interactive installation made from a series of material parts: soil, concrete and art objects, and is accompanied by a photographic series. It consists of an archaeological meshwork of soil and concrete, where the past is undefined. It refers to time that is suspended between what ‘once was’ and what is ‘to come’. Tracing the Pathway asks “how to make sense of the past: what do we want to reshape in this thick soil of memories, love, politics, land ownership and druid circles? How can we move forward, or rather how is it possible to grow and live with this soil?” The Future we Left Behind invites viewers to “delve into the soil, to unearth the past, which we gift to you to take home and to be part of your future to come”.