Vilas Sirah

Vilas Sirah is an artist based in Milton Keynes.

“After my retirement few years ago, I realised, 95% of my time was spent by the sink and days were not long enough to do anything else.   This stressed me quite a lot.  I knew I had to divert my feet away from the kitchen sink. So, one day I just took a roll of plain wall paper and drew some curves and bends. To my amazement, that turned out into a beautiful drawing.  I have not looked back since then.  Nothing beats creating something from scratch turning it into a special memory for somebody else.

This witty painting is of giraffes tying the knot in a safari park. The bride and the groom are wearing their traditional African outfits with a matching jewellery made from shells. You can see how happy the groom looks, giving his shy bride a kiss, to be together forever. But, hang on... the waiters are patiently waiting to serve the tasty cakes. And you stop noticing a very clever and experienced photographer who is busy taking pictures. I bet the couple can't wait to see their unique wedding album. And, finally, the cloud is waiting in the bright blue sky to whisk off the newlyweds on a surprise honeymoon.  The couple met at a movie called ‘Shrek’, the Donkey thinks that it’s all because of him the couple is getting married. So, here he is very eager to give them a surprise of singing for them.”