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In 1976, Milton Keynes made its first broadcast on local cable television network 'Channel 40'. The central factors behind the cable television experiment were to make information about the new city accessible to residents and to encourage individuals and groups to share their interests, experiences and points of view with others. 'Community, Land, Trust' recalls the original spirit of Channel 40 and imagines what it might look like forty years after it stopped broadcasting. 

This installation is the result of a series of conversations that took place following an invitation for Ed Webb-lngall to make a video project reflecting on the themes of the exhibition The Lie of the Land. The new video makes use of this opportunity to reflect on past co-housing models in Milton Keynes, and facilitate a discussion between residents trying to establish a community-housing project and a number of organisations involved in housing and land provision locally. 

Drawing on different forms of assembly including public meetings, community consultations and television panel shows, this project accounts for, and investigates, the way housing and land ownership in Milton Keynes is currently controlled and organised, asking how decisions are made and by who. 

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