An opportunity to hear artist Bettina Furnée discuss her practice with curator Fiona Boundy, and her current project, Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic, taking place in Middleton, MK.

Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic

This public art project, commissioned by MK Gallery and Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council, celebrates the identity of the community at Claridge Park, Middleton, as residents are given the opportunity to create poetic and personal name plaques for their homes.

The project is being delivered by artist Bettina Furnée. Bettina Furnée’s visual art practice is rooted in notions of site, using found and original language as material. Her work ranges from text and moving image pieces to large-scale environmental projects and public art commissions. She often engages participants in the creative process by inviting language contributions.

Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic will reflect Claridge Park’s architectural ambition to project a strong sense of community. This sense of family and friendship will play a key role in the development of the plaques.

Fiona Boundy

Fiona Boundy is a Curator and Arts Consultant. Currently working on the development and delivery of a number of cultural projects within MK, including a new cultural delivery model for the city; a new Festival of Creative Urban Living, launching in 2019 and Future Fossil - a major new public art commission by Something and Son for Oxley Park. Other projects include ongoing consultancy for Peabody Thamesmead and a research and development commission, documenting the contribution of a number of women landscape architects in the 1980's. Prior to working in MK, Fiona has worked extensively throughout the UK, in various leadership roles including: Director of Artlands, North Kent where she delivered an award-winning programme of public art commissions; Director of Exhibitions and Development at A Foundation Liverpool and London and Director of Gasworks Gallery.