This live art experience explores medicalisation of the female body – during pregnancy, fertility treatments, menopause, mental and general health issues, and cosmetic surgery.

Operation Herbody highlights how this distances us from our bodies, through doctors' medical language, non-holistic diagnoses, and medical responses to natural processes. Each artist speaks/acts from their own experience, and tells a story in their own unique way.

Expect a candid, funny live art piece, with real-life stories, ritual, film, and motion-sensing music technology.

FBI+ are Deej Fabyc, Penelope Best, Danielle Imara and Sarah Andrew.Fabyc's risk-taking live and video art, Best's dance psychotherapy, Imara's outsiders' experience and interactive music tech, plus Andrew's work around fine art and the law are a powerful mix.

Funded by Arts Council England and Milton Keynes Community Foundation, FBI+A have offered local workshops around their themes at Arts4Health MK, Lovatt Fields Retirement Village and Milton Keynes College.