1-6pm / Free

Location: World Picnic, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes. Map

Ingrid Pollard works primarily with photography and has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Continuing interests and themes in her work are portraiture and identity, belonging and heritage and exploring and questioning the romantic landscape idyll and England’s hidden histories associated with Africa and the Caribbean.

Ingrid has created a mobile camera obscura tent and works with communities to explore light and darkness, the visible and the invisible, bringing an awareness of the inside and outside space into one through creative activities and making. A camera obscura is a darkened chamber with an aperture through which images of outside objects are projected onto a viewing surface.

Using material process and visual experimentation in photography can be a social practice, a means of encounter with others and a means of interpretation.  I am interested in how the wonder of photography can be a way to involve others in its process. Using the camera obscura is a way of revealing a moving outside world, while being inside the camera.  The animated images projected onto the interior sheet are an image that is both upside down and back-to-front.  This is in fact just the way our eyes record what we see in the world, of reflected light on to our retina, upside down and back-to-front. Our extraordinary brains can account for this and makes sense of this; right this back-to-front & upside-down-ness so we see the world the way we experience it. In a way the camera obscura reveals the working of our brain.