Shortlisted for the 2004 Turner Prize, Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell have worked collaboratively since 1978. Their art explores the complex web of relationships linking people, place and architecture, while also questioning the structures and systems with which we attempt to make sense of the world. Their work ranges from highly crafted models of architectural floor-plans presented as sculpture, through to the full scale architecture of their new bridge for Paddington Basin, London, to the creation of innovative virtual environments. Underlying their work is an almost anthropological interest in the many ways we may discover ourselves in our surroundings.

In this exhibition they presented recent photographs and a series of installations specifically designed for MK G's gallery spaces. There was a specially commissioned wall painting for MK Gallery’s Long Gallery and the exhibition also featured new work derived from their visit to Afghanistan, as well as interactive virtual environments in the piece Plunged in a Stream, resulting from their collaboration with the BT research labs at Martlesham in Suffolk.