This was the first UK solo project by the American artist Mike Ballou. Ballou was the founder member of the Slide and Film Club, an offshoot of the Brooklyn Four-Walls Club, that began in 1993. Focusing on 35mm and super-eight film, the experimental slide and film evening at the artist’s home brought together a range of people from across New York. A strong social engagement with people typifies much of his work coupled with a distinctive light-hearted and often wry satire. Ballou’s work explores the point at which ‘make-believe’ clashes with the experience of everyday life.

For MK Gallery, Ballou worked with New York stage set painters to create a mural of the Milton Keynes skyline which appeared as if the very wall of the gallery had been removed. The exhibition also featured a model of the Slide and Film Club in the form of a mock-up of Ballou’s lounge, showing films from members of the club along with a selection of the artist’s dark yet often humorous super-eight films.