Kate Parrott

Kate Parrott is an artist working in London, previously living in Milton Keynes. Parrott’s background is in sculpture, but increasingly her work incorporates drawing and collage.

In Side Step, Bow as Arc and Audition for the New You, Parrott brings the language and approaches of sculpture to works in two dimensions, which exist somewhere between sculpture and drawing.  These provide a way for Parrott to work sculpturally but with a playful disregard for the practicalities of three-dimensional rules. 

The drawings sometimes follow the laws of gravity.  A stacked tower can be as unstable as it likes, preposterously thin spindles can support bulking masses of assembled shapes and unidentifiable forms.  There is a playfulness to the way the drawn and collaged forms are combined, balanced, built, and joined.  Sometimes a detail such as a hinge or some tape might find its way into a drawing, as a nod towards sculptural thinking and viability. 

The drawings demonstrate the artist’s interest in balance and collapse, and the application of colour. The works echo the illogical assemblage of forms which one might encounter on a deserted stage, or as a performance.

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