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7.30pm start in the Events Space

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 BodyVice is a new project by Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist)

 “Your body is a sensory device, each sense can be manipulated / modulated and played like an instrument. You are both superhuman and human-synthesis. The layers of your anatomy come to represent a process or modulation of how you can be played.”

 BodyVice takes biological and computational approach to sound art, investigating how chronic pain (experienced by the artist Natalie Sharp/Lone Taxidermist) can be communicated through hypermedia; combining the artforms of sound art, wearable and playable body sculptures, interactive video and performance. Natalie is working alongside sound artist Tara Pattenden aka Phantom Chips to create electronic micro controller body-instruments (skinstruments) and multi-instrumentalist, flautist Tida Bradshaw.

 Lone Taxidermist is the utterly bizarre and otherworldly ruptured activity generated by Cumbrian musician, costume maker, skin decorator, performer and natural provocateur Natalie Sharp. Her performances manifest icons and deities drawn from the corners of the (Post-)Internet, with Sharp herself embodying and channelling ‘cake-sitting’ and new dominatrix tactics– all wrapped in plastic and smeared in whipped cream. Her performances have been known to turn audiences members into exhibitionists– tales transpiring of sensorial acts of gender bending, food porn and squelchy mass ritual. Sharp effortlessly blends ‘instruments’ which come to hand– whether that be songwriting, multi-instrumentalism or mastery of non-standard instruments like musical saw and theremin, stagecraft, costumes, graphic art, video making, face paint, vocal technique, remixing and DJing.

 Sharp has performed and created glorious and gory stage, costume and body concepts for Jenny Hval’s European tour, and worked live with Gazelle Twin as a performance artist and vocalist. Lone Taxidermist’s recent album Trifle– a synth-pop electro fusion threaded with Sharp’s distinct vocalisation– has been gaining ground due to Sharp’s driven approach described by The Quietus as “(a)n unholy amalgamation of Grace Jones, Ari Up and John Cooper Clarke, her vocal styles veer all over the place from stream of consciousness poetry in her Cambrian drawl to diva-esque wails and jarring harmonies”. Her new project BodyVice identifies with establishing interfaces between the human body and technology to create new sensory zones between performer and audience– and promises to be a mind boggling episode of industrial spandex and lactose noise.

Secret Flight

After performing mostly instrumental live sets over the past year, Secret Flight will be going back to more lyrical material, leaving behind the nostalgic, semi-ironic synth hooks of her first album My Forever Mirage for choral-heavy songs about loss, grief, and undivulged secrets. 

 If Edgar Allan Poe was alive, he might have described My Forever Mirage as a “painted paroquet” (one of the birds mentioned in his poem “Romance”). But now come the “eternal Condor years “--  vulture-like creatures soar over vast synthetic landscapes, alone. 

 This public event is part of The Joyous Thing, a two day programme of music, performance and talks developed by the OUTLANDS Network aimed at bringing together the UK experimental music scene.

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