The Platform Graduate Award is an initiative to support emerging graduate artistic talent to further their practice following graduation. Established in 2012, the award includes a £2,000 bursary and 12 months of mentoring support, and is awarded to an outstanding graduate from one of seventeen participating regional higher education partners.

 The initiative is led by CVAN South East (Contemporary Visual Arts Network South East) and is currently a partnership between four galleries: Aspex in Portsmouth, MK Gallery in Milton Keynes, Modern Art Oxford and Turner Contemporary in Margate. Following an exhibition and events programme across the participating galleries, an artist from each gallery is nominated for the award.

 Selected Artists:

 Natalie Andrews – BA Fine Art, University of Bedfordshire

 ‘My point of departure has always been that I can only make a painting by placing it in an artificial world. I am interested in a ‘third nature’ nature, that is, in an environment that has already been manipulated and designed and which I then subject to further transformations in order to make it my own. This Artificial world had previously been evoked by an individual painting and contained within its borders, more recently sculpture has come to play an increasingly prominent role in my practice resulting in staged orchestrations of work in different media as well as architectural modifications of the fabric of the gallery space. This self-contained environment becomes the artificial world.’


Lana Fotheringham – BA Fine Art, University of Hertfordshire

 Lana’s practice explores movement through space and human connection to objects that are simultaneously familiar and uncertain. Her use of materials including wood, ceramics, drawings and photography allows her to navigate the viewers journey into a space that draws upon characteristics of nature and industry. Her objects bare traces and associations to naturally occurring forms yet are all man-made. She operates on the boundaries of irony whilst maintaining a genuine affinity to the energy her arrangements and configurations possess. Her work celebrates connections; the physical impact each material has on the last, the conversation between the forms she makes, and the human connections the work ignites when greeted or handled.


Jan Harrington – BA Fine Art, University of Northampton

 'My work is about line. How it interacts with itself, the space it inhabits and, most importantly, the viewer.  I create site specific installations, each line is intuitive, sometimes breaking through the usual confines of an artwork.  

It is the viewer who brings the element of activity and connectivity with the work as they walk around or through the different vistas.  I play with the work, I add, I move, I take away and with each action, the work brings fresh visual concord and discord.  My work, by its very nature, is ephemeral. The tape has a will of its own, gravity will take its course and peeling tape has to be accepted.  I fix it, ask the viewer to fix it and eventually to help me dismantle the work before the tape is re-energised in video. It is the line that initially enquired of its artist ‘why?’ and is now answered, ‘why not?’   Asked ‘where to?’, now answers ‘anywhere you like’.'