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Doors 8pm. £8 advance, £10 on the door.

Negra Branca

Negra Branca is Marlene Ribeiro, a current member of the psychedelic group, Gnod, where she is responsible for many of the more melodic and tonal dream landscapes. In terms of her solo work she also stands out due to her tendency for producing sombre pop harmonies and deep bass lines, travelling between the swinging of an early Tricky, coral pop and the depth of favela rhythms, all coated with a sticky varnish of sweet and sour chili sauce.

Her first solo record was a cassette released in 2013 by Gnod’s Tesla Tapes. The excellent critical reception led to comparisons with artists such as Grouper or Inga Copeland.

Filho da Mãe

Filho da Mãe is Rui Carvalho’s moniker, a witty play with the words “son of a gun” that don’t hide his mesmerizing skills on the guitar. Exploring the acoustic side of the strings, Filho da Mãe melts solids and transforms space into an aquatic, beautiful world.

About the season:

"The events programme for the exhibition has been deeply infused by Paula Rego’s independent spirit of defiance: Collaborative, diverse and explorative, the path trailed by the generation of artists present, has been opened up and enlightened by Paula Rego’s beacon of creative autonomy and freedom.

We feel the programme is therefore, as much an atmospheric companion for the retrospective, as it is a tribute to Paula Rego’s deep, and long lasting influence in cutting through the thick air of Portugal’s “dusty” legacy of political dictatorship at many levels. Then and now, Paula’s fearless art touches, enlightens and expands."

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